Some drivers may be addicted to distractions

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Car accidents happen every day. Most people hope to avoid this outcome, but more and more people put themselves and others at risk of serious injuries by using their cellphones or participating in other activities while driving that take their attention away from the road. You have undoubtedly witnessed your fair share of drivers who were not even looking at the road as their vehicles moved.

One of the truly unfortunate aspects of distracted driving is that most people who participate in distracting activities know that they are dangerous. Still, it does not stop them from trying to multitask while behind the wheel.

Is it an addictive behavior?

You may know many people who do not seem to have the ability to leave their cellphones alone for even five minutes. When you are out to dinner with friends, many of them may be constantly checking their phones rather than having face-to-face conversation. You may even have the same problem at home with your kids or your spouse. It is true that cellphone addiction can happen, and texting while driving could fall into the addictive category as well.

A recent study provided statistics on distracted driving, and when it comes to whether texting and driving could be addictive, 73% of survey respondents indicated that they would classify it as addicting. Additionally, 80% of participants indicated that the activity can be as dangerous as drunk driving.

The dangers continue

Though people know that distracted driving can present such a danger, it continues to happen. In addition to cellphone-addicted drivers on the roads, people also succumb to distractions like the following:

  • Watching YouTube videos or Netflix
  • Handling pets
  • Video chatting
  • Taking pictures
  • Making videos
  • Changing clothes
  • Browsing on social media
  • Posting to social media
  • Answering emails
  • Reading
  • Entertaining children

Some of these distractions may have crossed your mind before. After all, if you have kids, you know how distracting they can be at times. Still, some of them may have shocked you, such as drivers trying to watch TV shows while driving.

An injury-causing accident

Unfortunately, anyone not fully paying attention to driving could easily cause a crash that leaves you seriously injured. After such an event, you may have reason to file a personal injury claim against the driver considered at fault and other liable parties. Taking this type of legal action could allow you to pursue compensation for damages permitted under Missouri law.