A Personal Approach To Your Legal Needs

St. Louis, Missouri, Litigation Attorney

For more than 40 years, attorney David Duree has provided his clients with sound, prudent legal advice and guidance. Mr. Duree's lawyering encompasses a vibrant, diversified litigation practice, a personal injury practice and an engineering and construction law practice that draws on his expertise as an engineer himself.

O'Fallon, Illinois, Personal Injury Attorney

Mr. Duree's office draws its clients from across the nation, but with a particular emphasis on the states of Illinois and Missouri. In operating his practice, Mr. Duree places a premium on maintaining the personal interactions that characterize the best of traditional attorney-client relationships. To that end, Mr. Duree also maintains an office size of only himself and one assistant. In this way, Mr. Duree's clients are assured of having access to their attorney. Mr. Duree's clients do not have to fight through multiple levels of bureaucracy and red tape to speak with their lawyer.

Most important, Mr. Duree's experience enables him to provide his clients with true lawyerly legal counsel: his advice is born of experience as well as what is in the books. Forty years of providing legal counsel to clients has provided Mr. Duree with the legal judgment necessary to advise sophisticated clients needing guidance amidst complicated situations with no black and white solutions. Providing confident and reliable legal advice in these gray areas where no clear answers yet exist in the courts is the area in which a lawyer of Mr. Duree's experience excels. His clients rest assured that they are receiving legal opinions informed by where the law has been, where the law is and, significantly, where the law is going in the future.