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The philosophy of a law firm, explicitly stated or not, gives shape to the style of the law firm itself. The law firm of David M. Duree and Associates, P.C., adheres to a vision of lawyering that combines the best of the old with the most reliable of the new. This vision enables David to provide his clients with the hands-on lawyering they expect combined with the forward-thinking legal advice they need him to create.

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The lynchpin of David’s practice is the client. The client sets the agenda. The client sets the goals. It is the lawyer’s task to provide the client with the creative means by which those goals are to be pursued. Only a hands-on approach allows an attorney to gain the specific knowledge required to meet the challenges presented by any given client’s specific circumstances.

A hands-on approach includes constant communication with the client. It means having an attorney, not a paralegal, who keeps in contact with the client. It means an attorney who meets with the client. There are no intermediaries in David’s model of legal practice. Nothing is lost in transmission. Clients work collaboratively with David directly.

Ultimately, a hands-on approach requires a personal relationship between the client and the attorney. Knowing the client on a personal basis allows David to independently conceive of legal solutions appropriate perhaps for that single client alone. As a result, David provides tailored legal opinions to his clients.

This personal relationship also entails a professional level of compassion on the part of David for the client and the situation in which the client is found. Viewing legal proceedings in the context of human needs and goals also contributes to the creation of innovative and unique legal solutions to difficult problems. Many times, the legal solution directly arises from these unique settings.

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