More than 40 years of legal practice differentiates attorney David M. Duree from any number of his peers. The mark of lawyering only comes with extensive experience, from having been in legal combat and having learned from it. Without this experience, a legal practice runs the risk of becoming too abstract, relying too much on book knowledge that becomes quickly outdated.

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Prior to becoming an attorney, David worked as a road and bridge engineer for a highway department. He subsequently worked for Honeywell where he bid as the subcontractor to mechanical contractors on commercial projects.

After attending law school at night, David joined a law firm, became partner and practiced for the first three decades of his legal career. While at the firm, David represented insurance companies in personal injury, construction, surety bond and fidelity litigation, as well as individuals with personal injury claims and companies involved in construction and commercial litigation. In 1999, David started his own practice, providing legal services to individuals, businesses and contractors.

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