Explaining the Bureau of Consumer Protection

May 3 2018      On Behalf of  David M. Duree & Associates, P.C.      Civil Rights And Consumer Protection

Consumers are constantly being bombarded with scams and other poor business practices everywhere they turn. This is not how the business world should act. That’s where the Bureau of Consumer Protection comes into play. This agency operates under the realm of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to help protect consumers from poor business practices, scams, and unethical actions.

So, what exactly does the Bureau of Consumer Protection do for consumers? The bureau performs all of the following:

  • Collects complaints from consumers and conducts investigations
  • Sues individuals and companies who break the laws
  • Develops rules that help to maintain a fair market
  • Educates consumers about their rights and the responsibilities they hold

The complaints filed with the bureau include those involving robo calls, data security, Do Not Call violations, identity theft, false advertising and more. All of the complaints are shared with law enforcement agencies in the United States and abroad.

The bureau is comprised of eight divisions and eight regional offices, one of which is in Chicago, Illinois. All of these offices make it easier for the bureau to respond to issues in all areas of the country when it comes to maintaining a fair marketplace for consumers and ethical, law-abiding business owners.

The eight divisions are as follows:

  • Advertising Practices
  • Privacy and Identity Protection
  • Financial Practices
  • Consumer & Business Education
  • Marketing Practices
  • Enforcement
  • Litigation Technology & Analysis
  • Consumer Response & Operations

As you use different businesses throughout your life you need to be on the lookout for improper business practices. It’s best that you report these issues immediately so that the businesses can be investigated for their actions.

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