What are some scaffolding safety tips to follow?

Jun 27 2018      On Behalf of  David M. Duree & Associates, P.C.      Personal Injury

The next time you head to work on a construction site, you will likely take note of any scaffolding present. Scaffolding is an important piece of equipment used on thousands of construction sites across Illinois. Even if you’ve worked on scaffolding before, you still might want to review some safety procedures. So, what are some scaffolding safety tips to follow?

The most important safety tip here is that you should be properly trained prior to getting on the scaffolding. Training is important because you will learn how to operate the device, the load capacity of the device and how to prevent falls from heights.

Before stepping foot on the scaffolding, you should put on all of your personal protective equipment. This can include a helmet, nonslip boots and even gear that can help prevent you from falling should the scaffolding collapse while on it.

You need to understand the load capacity of the scaffolding on which you are operating. This will help make it easier to operate the scaffolding so you know what type of materials to put on it and whether or not these materials will be too heavy for the scaffolding.

When you come to work each morning, you should make sure someone inspects the scaffolding in the event that something went wrong overnight when the site was left unattended. You never know if someone messed with the scaffolding in the middle of the night.

Following as many safety tips as possible will help you remain safe and free of injury when working on scaffolding in O’Fallon. Scaffolding accidents can be very tragic. Protect yourself at all costs when on the job.