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Do you know how to identify your company's intellectual property?

Intellectual property is vital to the success of any company. This property can be thoughts, ideas, plans, products, services and just about anything else an employee creates while on the clock. One of the most important questions you need to ask is if you actually know how to identify your company's intellectual property. If you don't, then this is a post you need to read.

Common mistakes after a car accident

Being in a car accident is a disorienting experience. Your adrenaline is racing, your head is pounding, and all of your senses are hazy and sharp at the same time. Needless to say, you won’t be thinking clearly. Because of this, many people make mistakes after an accident that can be easily avoided. It pays to think through scenarios ahead of time while your head is still clear. Here’s what not to do after an accident.

Medical malpractice: Standard of care is important in these cases

A medical malpractice lawsuit isn't always easy to prove. In fact, there are many times in which these cases are difficult because they hinge on proving that a doctor didn't provide a patient with treatment that meets the standard of care. This can be a challenge because the medical community usually won't stand up against each other, even when the patient suffers harm.

Common types of business disputes

Business disputes are a common aspect of running a company. You can do everything possible to avoid these issues, but they can still crop upon occasion. When you run into a dispute, it's important to resolve it as soon as possible in order to avoid lengthy problems. Disputes can be with other companies, employees and customers. Let's look at some common types of business disputes.

Tips for protecting yourself as a consumer

Everyone is a consumer. It's a fact of life that cannot be avoided. Even when you put gas in your car or truck, you are considered a consumer. Anytime you buy anything, you are labeled a consumer. Consumers can also be victims. Thieves prey on consumers in stores and on the internet. Here are some tips for protecting yourself as a consumer in O'Fallon.

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