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The difference between patent and latent construction defects

Construction defects often lead to disputes, as both sides may not agree on whether something is truly a defect or not. Defining a defect sounds simple, but it is actually a fairly complex process.

A mild traumatic brain injury can destroy your career

We like to think that who we are as people is something built into us on some fundamental level, but over the last several decades, advances in the understanding of the brain have shown that even minor brain damage can seriously affect how we act and what we think, often to an alarming degree. If you recently suffered a blow to the head, you may notice that you are not acting like your normal self, and if so, you may have a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Always go to your doctor after a car accident

Car accidents of all kinds are often much more damaging than the people in the car realize at the time. Even modest car accidents may result in injuries that a driver or passenger may not feel in the immediate aftermath of the accident, giving them the false impression that they survived the accident injury-free.

Why is intellectual property so important for our business?

Intellectual property has been around for hundreds of years. It just wasn't recognized as such until a much later date. This property is anything that is created, thought of, patented and developed by an individual or a business. It can be trademarked and legally protected from theft. So, why is intellectual property so important for our business?

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