Why is intellectual property so important for our business?

Sep 7 2018      On Behalf of  David M. Duree & Associates, P.C.      Intellectual Property Litigation

Intellectual property has been around for hundreds of years. It just wasn’t recognized as such until a much later date. This property is anything that is created, thought of, patented and developed by an individual or a business. It can be trademarked and legally protected from theft. So, why is intellectual property so important for our business?

One of the biggest reasons why intellectual property is so important to your business is that it provides inventors within your company with rewards. If it didn’t pay to invent things, then no one would work their hardest to come up with new software, products or business ideas.

Having intellectual property at your company provides you with a new source of income, should you want to license the item or idea to a third party. This is how thousands of companies make a profit every year. They come up with new ideas or products, get them patented and then license the use out to others for a price.

When a company is able to offer new and innovative ideas or processes to the market, it can help said company stay ahead of the curve and its competitors. That’s why intellectual property needs to be protected from top to bottom in every type of business.

As you now can see, intellectual property is what helps a lot of businesses continue to operate in Illinois. When this property is threatened or stolen, it can lead to legal issues for the holder and the entity that stole the property. Make sure your intellectual property is protected at every level of your company.