Tips for keeping a contractor on schedule

Feb 8 2019      On Behalf of  David M. Duree & Associates, P.C.      Construction And Engineering Disputes

Are you planning an update to your O’Fallon, Illinois home? Are you building a brand new home? Either way, you will be working with a contractor for the project. Are you worried that the project will take too long to complete? If so, you need to try your best to keep the contractor on schedule. This can be done by following the tips outlined in today’s post.

1. Open a strong line of communication between you and the contractor.

This can be via text, email, phone or in-person conversations. The more you communicate with the contractor the less likely it is that they will fall off schedule. You should even consider meeting with the contractor every morning before work begins.

2. Start a journal that documents the progress of the project.

Make sure you enter information in the journal daily, including the work that has been completed, the materials that have been delivered to the site, the questions you have for the contractor, product order numbers, anticipated material delivery dates and anything else you deem necessary.

3. If there is a change to the scope of the project make sure you track it in writing.

This will prevent the contractor from going off schedule or from deviating from the initial contract. If they don’t want changes in writing you can hold them to the original contract.

4. Carefully negotiate and control the payment schedule.

You should only make payments to the contractor for completed work. Track all the work that has been completed and check the work for mistakes with your copy of the site plans before you pay.

Now that you know the best ways to keep a contractor on a schedule you can begin your home renovation or construction project. Don’t worry that the contractor will fall off schedule — but always be prepared for it to happen. Construction disputes are, unfortunately, common and sometimes unavoidable.