What are common reasons construction companies get sued?

Apr 12 2019      On Behalf of  David M. Duree & Associates, P.C.      Construction And Engineering Disputes

Construction companies should always remember that if they build something, then they can get sued.

A lawsuit may be filed against them if the building that they construct deviates from the original design or if different materials are used from what was originally specified. One can even be filed against them if a project isn’t kept on budget or isn’t completed on time. Contractors can take steps to reduce their risk of being sued though.

Contractors should never take on projects that they don’t have the expertise or qualified manpower to handle.

You can build the confidence of your clients by having pictures on hand to show them examples of your previous work. It can also be helpful if you have references to provide them with who can attest to your ability to stick to a schedule and to perform quality work. You can also build your customers’ confidence in you by showing proof that you and your workers are licensed and insured.

It’s also critically important that construction companies take time to put every single promise and detail that they make to customers in writing. If you make any modifications to the original contract, then it’s important for them to be documented and signed off on by the client.

You should use the contract to clearly spell out the scope of the project that is to be performed. It should also detail what the cost and payment intervals are and when the work is supposed to be completed by.

Information about the building materials that will be used for the project and how you expect them to perform should also be included in it. If there’s a budget for additional items, then this should be spelled out in the contract.

It’s important that you document any delays in writing. If you encounter any issues, it can help to have photographs or videos as well. You should retain this information for 10 years.

There are many reasons that an O’Fallon property owner may sue their Illinois construction company. You can reduce your risk of having a lawsuit filed against you by simply constructing a property as designed, to code, on time and on budget.

When a company is sued, it places the business’ reputation in jeopardy and puts its finances on the line. A construction and engineering disputes attorney can help you sort our your legal matter quickly and cost-effectively.