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St. Louis police officer files federal lawsuit over shooting

A St. Louis police officer was left permanently disabled and is now "drowning in bills," according to his attorney, after being shot by a fellow officer while off-duty. Officers were trying to apprehend three suspects who had reportedly shot at them while fleeing in a stolen vehicle. The officer has filed a federal lawsuit against the city as well as the officer who shot him.

Why are fatal falls increasing among seniors?

Americans are living longer and remaining active well into their senior years. However, too many suffer serious -- and often fatal -- falls. According to a new study based on data from the National Center for Health Statistics, fatal falls among seniors over 75 have more than doubled between the years 2000 and 2016. The rate rose from 52 per 100,000 to 111 per 100,000 during that period.

Three tips for driving in the rain

Warm weather means the arrival of the rainy season in Illinois. The span from May through August is when most of the state’s rain will fall. Acts of nature like rain, wind and storms also pose potential hazards for all drivers. Heavy rains can cause your vehicle to hydroplane, which occurs when your vehicle loses traction and loses control on a slick road. If your vehicle loses control like this, stopping before causing damage to your vehicle, property, and other vehicles will be difficult.

How can you make the most of an injury settlement?

These days, most new dads what to share the responsibilities of caring for their newborn child with the child's mother. Some companies are recognizing the importance of these shared parenting responsibilities and are granting equal amounts of leave to parents of newborn or newly adopted children regardless of the employee's gender.

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