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Who is responsible when a bridge collapses?

Bridge collapses can occur for any number of reasons. One thing that's certain is that they can cause multiple serious injuries and fatalities. One collapse that many of our readers may recall occurred close to the northern tip of the Mississippi River in Minnesota almost exactly a dozen years ago.

How to avoid legal problems with your company's dress code

Workplaces have become more relaxed in recent decades when it comes to what kind of clothing employees are allowed or required to wear. Gone are the Mad Men days where men wore suits and ties, and women wore dresses and skirts. Casual Fridays have given way to full-time casual dress in many offices where employees aren't regularly dealing with the public or clients.

When can a business owner sue for defamation?

If you own a business, your reputation is likely one of your most valued assets. These days, it's all too easy to damage a business's reputation -- often anonymously. Many times, competitors will take to Twitter or other social media sites to make derogatory and possibly false statements about a business.

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