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80 people indicted by feds for romance scams, other fraud

Earlier this year, we discussed "romance scams" and how older people, in particular, are victimized by online scammers claiming to be interested in pursuing a relationship. They convince their victims to send them money to help them travel to see them or for some other bogus reason. Last year, as we noted, romance scams cost Americans a combined $143 million.

Missouri officials warn of phony DNA tests

There have been significant advancements in genetic testing in recent years. With a simple swab of the cheek, people can learn whether they have genetic markers that could make them prone to developing serious and potentially fatal diseases, such as certain types of cancer.

Elevator malfunctions can cause physical, emotional injuries

If most people could see just how elevators are suspended by cables, they'd probably think twice before stepping on one. However, we take for granted that they're going to get us to our destination safely -- whether it's the top of a St. Louis high rise office building or the second floor of a department store.

My kids should be safe in the back seat, right?

Most parents require their children to sit in the back seat of the family vehicle. Usually, this is because old wisdom says that the back seats are the safest seats in the event of a collision. However, a recent study indicates that this may no longer be true. The study found that those sitting in the front seats may now fare better a car crash than those sitting in the back.

Intellectual property protection requires more than strong NDAs

As a business owner, you probably rely on nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) to help protect your intellectual property (IP). Well-drafted, strictly enforced NDAs are certainly a good first step.

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