What are 3 common causes of child injuries?

Aug 21 2019      On Behalf of  David M. Duree & Associates, P.C.      Personal Injury

Parents and caregivers in O’Fallon need to keep a close eye on children no matter what age they are. When they don’t, it puts them at serious risk of injury or death. There are several ways that minors get hurt when left unattended by their adult caregivers.

Data from the National Institutes for Health (NIH) shows that drowning is sadly the leading cause of death of children ages 1 to 4 in the United States. At least three kids lose their lives in this country each day due to drowning. Many of these deaths could have been prevented had the pools that parents and caregivers allowed their kids to play around been surrounded by a fence. They could have prevented them by more closely watched their kids around bodies of water as well.

Another leading cause of child injuries is motor vehicle accidents. If you think about it, children spend a lot of time in automobiles. They get shuttled to and from school. They attend dance, music, tutoring or sports classes after school. They then are transported to friend’s homes. It’s no wonder why data published by the NIH last year showed that at least 150 children across America were seen in emergency rooms each hour.

Although not often fatal, falls are the leading cause of injury among children in the United States. According to the NIH, at least 8,000 children are seen in emergency rooms in this country each year for fall injuries.

Parents can prevent these by making sure that their babies and toddlers are never left unattended on objects that sit up high off the ground. They can also keep objects that they can climb on less accessible to them. They can encourage their older children to be cautious when playing on playgrounds and encourage them to wear helmets to keep them from getting hurt if they fall off their bikes.

Many child injuries can be prevented with increased parental or caregiver supervision. Some injuries aren’t caused by a lack of oversight, though. They can instead be blamed on poorly designed, manufactured or maintained equipment. A personal injury attorney can advise you of your right to compensation here in Illinois after learning a bit more about what led to your child getting hurt or killed.