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Actress's sentencing reignites issues of race, wealth

When actress Felicity Huffman received a two-week federal prison sentence this month for her role in the college admissions scandal, many people expressed outrage. She was also fined $30,000 and has to do 250 hours of community service. However, Huffman's 14-day sentence reignited the issue of sentencing inequalities between wealthy, mostly white defendants and poorer ones -- particularly people of color.

Why does LeBron James want to trademark 'Taco Tuesday?'

The term "Taco Tuesday" is used in homes, school cafeterias and restaurants throughout the country. Therefore, some people have considered basketball superstar LeBron James' recent move to trademark it to be somewhat audacious.

When kids drink on prom night

You remember it like it was yesterday. Picking out a dress or a tuxedo, maybe having it altered (at the last minute), getting ready and meeting your date. It felt like the most important night of your life, and, at the time, maybe it was. It’s tough to imagine that, for many teens, prom night is their last night alive.

What parents of new drivers need to know

If you're the parent of a teen who's going to be taking driver's ed and getting their license this school year, you'll likely be spending some hours in the front passenger seat with them. They'll want and need plenty of behind-the-wheel practice before they take their road test.

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