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Intellectual property you should protect as a restaurant owner

Among the many keys to success in the restaurant business is differentiating yourself from your competition. That means not just having good food and the right ambiance for the customers you want to attract. It means protecting the things that make your restaurant(s) unique. Much of that can be protected under intellectual property (IP) laws.

How your company can avoid becoming the victim of 'greenmail'

A person, group or business entity purchases enough shares of your company's stock to enable a hostile takeover or at least to have a say in your operations and management. They offer to let your company buy back the shares, but at a much higher price. In exchange, they won't continue with the attempted takeover and won't purchase any more of your stock. That's called "greenmail."

Why is Byron Allen going before the Supreme Court?

If you only know Byron Allen as a television (TV) personality from your youth, you may be surprised to find out that he's become a media mogul. His company Entertainment Studios, which he started 25 years ago, is involved in movies, TV and digital media.

Workers' compensation 'legacy claims' in acquisitions

If your company is considering or in the process of acquiring another company, you may not have given much thought to that company's workers' compensation program -- or to the company's safety culture in general. This may be more relevant in industries where workplace injuries are common than in those where they aren't. However, employees can suffer injuries in any line of work.

What happens during the discovery phase of a civil trial?

Are you about to become involved in a civil trial? Perhaps you have reached your last options for obtaining payment from a delinquent customer. Maybe you are in the middle of a dispute with a partner, business associate or competitor who has violated your trust. You may be seeking compensation from someone whose actions resulted in your injuries or other damages.

What impact does car size have on the severity of a crash?

If you ever have wondered why motorists often buy sports utility vehicles (SUVs), trucks and other large vehicles, you're probably aware that one reason that they assume that it will protect them better than if they're struck riding in a small passenger car. Size does matter when a motorist driving a larger vehicle crashes into someone driving a smaller one.

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