What might happen when contractor/client disputes arise?

Feb 2 2021      On Behalf of  David M. Duree & Associates, P.C.      Construction And Engineering Disputes

Contractors and their clients may sign a detailed agreement for new building constructions, renovations, and other types of projects in Illinois. Things might not work out between the contractor and the client as initially inspected. Sometimes, the client has a legitimate claim against the contractor. That said, the contract binds the client to terms, as well. In some instances, the contractor might be the entity with the valid dispute.

Contractors and clients find themselves disagreeing

A client might have serious concerns about how a contractor performs work on a project. A contractor that performs unsafe or low-quality work might not be living up to the contractual agreement. Firing the contractor and ceases all payments could be an expected result. What happens if the work is not low quality, though?

A contractor might have a legitimate claim for money owed. The contract might stipulate terms for severing the arrangement, and the contractor might need to go to court to enforce the provisions. Claiming that work is shoddy may not be enough to severe contractual obligations. The client would likely need to present proof.

Clients may find themselves facing other legal troubles if reputation-harming claims cause problems for a contractor. A defamation suit could follow if the contractor loses business or suffer harm to his/her reputation.

Taking legal action when dispute arises

A lawsuit may be necessary if the two parties are not in agreement. Both parties might even sue one another, with each claiming the other party is in the wrong. Testimony and evidence could factor heavily into how the court rules.

Mediation and arbitration remain possible options. Going with alternative dispute resolution options might end up being far less costly than engaging in protracted litigation.

Construction litigation may be unavoidable when the client and the contractor find themselves in a dispute. At times, the client may be wrong, leading to the contractor dealing with potential losses. A contractor could seek an attorney’s assistance to address the disagreement.