Distracted driving is far too common

Aug 16 2021      On Behalf of  David M. Duree & Associates, P.C.      Blog

Whether driving down a highway or residential street, there will be distractions along the way either created by others on the road or created by the driver themselves. It’s important to know how to avoid distractions to prevent potentially serious car accidents.

Types of distractions

For decades, the most common distractions while driving were listening to loud music or eating and drinking while in transit. Of course, conversations within a vehicle full of passengers was common as well. However, today’s drivers must also add cellphone usage to that list. Even with hands-free technology that many modern vehicles employ, auto accidents still happen when Illinois drivers are on the road and using these devices because their minds are not focused on driving. Studies have shown that one in four drivers is using a cellphone at the time of a motor vehicle accident.

Controlling the inside of a vehicle

All drivers are liable for their own actions while behind the wheel. In the view of the court system, drivers are responsible for maintaining minimal distractions inside of the vehicle as well. Aside from restricting personal actions while driving, controlling the vehicle can also include requesting passengers to do the same while moving. Drivers who fail to make sure they drive safely and without distraction might face a personal injury lawsuit if they cause a crash.

The primary purpose of enhancing cellphone laws while driving in Illinois is the reduction of accidents. However, many other behaviors like eating behind the wheel or even daydreaming can cause a distraction that leads to an accident. A focus on distraction reduction should be a priority for every Illinois driver to stay safer on the road.