5 things not to do after a car accident

Oct 13 2021      On Behalf of  David M. Duree & Associates, P.C.      Personal Injury

Car accidents happen every day in Illinois, but they are usually rare events for the people involved. Most people are totally shocked when they get into a car accident, and people often don’t know what to do. Here are five things that you should definitely not do after this type of incident.

#1: Don’t leave the scene

Leaving the scene of a car accident you were involved in could get you charged with a crime even if the accident wasn’t your fault. While it is important to get to a safe distance away from the road after an accident, make sure to remain at the scene after you call 911.

#2: Don’t assume you are fine

People can sustain a lot of injuries in motor vehicle accidents that aren’t immediately apparent. Don’t assume that you are okay. Move slowly when getting out of your vehicle and get evaluated by a doctor.

#3: Don’t admit fault

Be careful what you say after a multi-vehicle accident because it could be used against you. If you think that you are partially to blame for the accident, you could be wrong. Admitting to fault right after a car accident is not a smart move because the actual at-fault party could use that against you.

#4: Don’t get into an argument

Tensions may be high after a car accident, but you should be careful not to get involved in any arguing. It’s understandable to be very upset with a negligent driver, but confronting them angrily at the scene could only serve to cause more problems.

#5: Don’t assume the police will document everything

If you have a phone camera, it’s a good idea to take as many photos and videos of the accident scene as you can. Assuming that police will document everything is not always a good idea. The evidence that you collect immediately following the wreck could be crucial later on.

Filing a car accident claim

Knowing how to react after a car accident can be important for the claim you file later on. If you stay calm, you can collect key evidence and avoid making any unwise statements.