How can you pay for medical expenses after an accident on the job?

Aug 8 2022      On Behalf of  David M. Duree & Associates, P.C.      Personal Injury

An accident on the job can leave injured workers with significant medical costs for appointments, medication, surgery, physical therapy or other treatment. This can leave families wondering how they can address the cost of that care, especially if those injuries keep the injured person away from their work. What should injured workers know about paying for the cost of medical care?

Workers’ compensation benefits include medical costs.

Workers’ compensation benefits can provide significant support for workers and their families impacted by the cost of caring for a workplace injury. Under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act (IWCA), employers or the insurer providing workers’ compensation coverage must cover the cost of “reasonably necessary” medical care. This could include appointments, medication or even medical devices like prosthetics to help injured workers address the impact of their injury.

A personal injury claim may offer additional support.

Workers’ compensation is not the only option available to injured workers. If another person or company’s negligence contributed to your accident, a personal injury claim may also be an option. In these cases, a personal injury claim may provide not only funds to offset medical expenses but also other support.

For example, if a defective tool malfunctioned, an injured worker may be eligible to receive compensation from the manufacturer for their part in the accident. This claim would offer damages in addition to the support offered by workers’ compensation benefits.

The cost of medical care after a workplace injury can bring financial strain. Thankfully injured workers can explore their options and seek compensation to address those costs.