What Are the Main Causes of Legal Disputes in Construction Contracts?

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Legal disputes can arise during a construction project even when you feel you’ve done everything possible to protect yourself. Understanding some of the most common sources of contract disputes can help you anticipate these issues and create a plan to resolve them, potentially saving you the time, money, and energy associated with a legal challenge.

Most Common Causes of Construction Contract Legal Disputes

Every construction project involves unique engineering and legal challenges. However, certain contract disputes tend to occur more often than others, and some of the most common disputes concern the following contract issues.

Unclear or Incomplete Contracts

Ambiguity in contract terms can lead to misunderstandings and disputes. If contracts do not clearly outline the scope of work, payment terms, and deadlines, parties may find themselves in conflict over unmet expectations or unfulfilled obligations.

Delays in Construction

Delays are a frequent issue in construction projects. They can stem from poor project management, unforeseen circumstances, or delays in receiving materials. These delays can disrupt schedules and may lead to disputes over who is responsible for the associated costs.

Defective Work

Issues related to the quality of work performed can also cause disputes. If one party believes the construction work is subpar or does not meet the standards outlined in the contract, it can lead to claims of defective work.

Payment Disputes

Payment disputes are common in construction contracts. These disputes can arise from disagreements over work completed, the timing of payments, or the final amounts due. Such disputes often result in work stoppages and legal claims.

Change Orders

Change orders modify the original contract terms, often leading to disputes over increased costs, extended deadlines, or changes in the scope of work. Poor handling of change orders can result in disagreements and legal challenges between the parties involved.

How We Can Help You Avoid Potential Contract Disputes on Your Project

At David M. Duree & Associates, our construction law attorneys understand how vital it is to prevent disputes and avoid the associated legal challenges. We start by ensuring your contracts are clear and comprehensive. This means defining every detail, from the scope of work to payment schedules and project deadlines. By clearly defining these terms, we make sure both parties have reasonable expectations.

We also provide ongoing support throughout your project. By closely monitoring compliance with contract terms and watching for any signs of potential issues, we help you address conflicts proactively before litigation becomes necessary. If you need to change a contract, we can guide you through managing change orders effectively to maintain harmony and mutual agreement.

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