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Who is responsible when a bridge collapses?

Bridge collapses can occur for any number of reasons. One thing that's certain is that they can cause multiple serious injuries and fatalities. One collapse that many of our readers may recall occurred close to the northern tip of the Mississippi River in Minnesota almost exactly a dozen years ago.

Tips for keeping a contractor on schedule

Are you planning an update to your O'Fallon, Illinois home? Are you building a brand new home? Either way, you will be working with a contractor for the project. Are you worried that the project will take too long to complete? If so, you need to try your best to keep the contractor on schedule. This can be done by following the tips outlined in today's post.

Missed construction deadlines: 4 common reasons

One of the biggest reasons for a construction dispute is when the project goes well over its estimated deadline. This can often cost a lot of people a lot of money on commercial projects, and it can leave prospective homeowners without anywhere to live.

How job interruptions affect the quality of the work being done

Many construction disputes center around a low quality of work. In some cases, it is more cosmetic than anything. The crew installs the kitchen counters but does not take the time to level them, for instance. They still work, but they do not look as good as they should and it detracts from the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen.

The difference between patent and latent construction defects

Construction defects often lead to disputes, as both sides may not agree on whether something is truly a defect or not. Defining a defect sounds simple, but it is actually a fairly complex process.

How do I prevent a construction dispute before it happens?

Entering into a construction contract is an exciting time, especially when you are building your dream home or are constructing your new office. Things can quickly turn sour when you and the contractor get into a dispute. So, how do you prevent a construction dispute before it happens?

Tips for resolving engineering disputes

The engineering field is an important one to the development of O'Fallon and the rest of Illinois. Like all other industries, disputes can arise in the engineering field that can lead to projects stalling or even being nixed. Should you find your firm in a difficult engineering dispute, you should consider some of the resolution options outlined in this post.

How can construction disputes be resolved?

The construction industry has millions of workers across the country that rely on various jobs to keep them busy throughout the year. Some of those jobs could turn into problems when construction disputes arise in O'Fallon, Illinois. It can be easy for you to just turn your head and accept that there was a problem or you could try to resolve the dispute so your project is finished correctly.

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