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Vindictive Ex-GirlFriend Ordered to Pay $7,600,000.

An ex-girlfriend (Lee) was ordered to pay $7,600,000 to her former boyfriend (who sued as John Doe) after she created false social media accounts in Doe’s neame, then published highly offensive material directed to hundreds of Doe’s relatives, clients, bosses and professional associates. She also slipped into Doe’s secure building behind and unsuspecting resident and … Read more

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Is it really a big deal if you do not wear your seat belt?

When you rush out of the house to go to work, pick up the kids from practice or get to the store before it closes, you might not always click your seat belt. Especially if you are staying close to home or not getting on the highway, you might think it is not a big … Read more

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Illinois law allows for gun permits (FOID Cards) if the applicant (a) isn’t likely to act in a manner dangerous to public safety (b) issuance of the permit would not be contrary to the public interest and (c) granting the permit would not be contrary to Federal Law. The Federal Gun Control Act generally prohibits … Read more

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Compensation after a crash comes with many considerations

When you are struck by another vehicle, you might face very serious injuries. These may require you to seek medical care, which might even include hospital stays. It is wholly possible that you will have high medical bills resulting from this situation. Paying for those might be a challenge. If your injuries were the result … Read more

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Illinois Concealed and Carry Statute Overrides Company Policy Prohibiting Firearms on Company Property

Illinois law permits people to carry concealed firearms after obtaining a valid license. Ameren has workplace policies which prevent employees from threatening or intimidating co-employees, and from having unauthorized firearms on its property. After an employee engaged in heated arguments with his supervisor, a consensual search disclosed a gun in the Employee’s vehicle.l He had … Read more

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Employer not liable for Penalties after failing to Withhold Wages for Child Support Because Employee Made Some Payments Directly to his Ex-Wife

The Illinois Income Withholding for Support Act imposes a penalty of $100 per day, in addition to liability for the amounts not withheld, on Employers which “knowingly” fail to withhold a percentage of wages to meet child support obligations of their employees. The Appellate Court recently refused to impose the penalty (but not liability for … Read more

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Prenuptial Agreements are Invalid if Unconscionable, or if Assets are not Disclosed

The Illinois Prenuptial Agreement Act provides that prenuptial agreements are not enforcible if they are unconscionable (unfairly one-sided), or if a party fails to reasonably disclose his/her assets before marriage, unless the right to disclosure is waived in writing. However, a wife’s attack on a prenuptial agreement was rejected where she voluntarily signed the agreement … Read more

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Who pays for a construction defect in a residential property?

A new home owner has a reasonable expectation of entering into a house that is free of egregious defects. Unfortunately, such defects occur from time to time. A construction defect can be the result of shoddy workmanship, inferior materials, poor engineering or architectural planning, or it can be the result of a natural phenomenon such … Read more

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Lawyer Does Not Qualify as Innocent Spouse for Tax Purposes

The IRS determined that a husband-wife attorney team owed $207,000 in back taxes and $77,000 in penalties. The husband was a tax attorney. The wife had a law degree and taught school. After the Tax Court affirmed the decisiosn of the IRS, the wife, an attorney with MBA and Doctorate degrees in addition to her … Read more

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Termination of A Public Official for Political Reasons Violates the First Amendment

Two park commissioners organized a coup to terminate the employment of the park district’s executive director, as retaliation. because she supported the election of a board member they opposed. They also broke into her office and stole her personnel file. The U.S. District Court acknowledged that breaking into the office and stealing the file were … Read more

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