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Co-employee liability under Workers Compensation Act

The Missouri Workers Compensation Act does not prevent an injured employee from suing a supervisory co-employee who intentionally removed a safety guard then directed the injured employee to clean the running machine.  Brook vs. Dunne, Missouri Court of Appeals, ED, 2018.

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2019 law change for car seat requirement

At the start of 2019, an amendment to the Illinois Child Passenger Protection Act will go into effect, requiring children under the age of two to ride in a rear-facing car seat. Violating this law puts a child at risk for injury in case of an accident and can result in a $75 fine for … Read more

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Man awarded $3,000,000.00

Expert testimony that a minivan driver had active THC (marijuana) in his system was speculative and inadmissible. A jury verdict of $3,000,000.00 to the minivan driver against a tractor-trailer driver was affirmed by the California Court of Appeal on July 25, 2017. In the case of David vs. Hernandez, 13CAL.App. 5th 692.

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How to keep young children safe while driving

Parents know that no matter what you do your children always manage to get into things they aren’t supposed to. That is why childproofing is so important when you have young ones padding around the home. You childproof the cabinets, electrical outlets, staircases, pointy counter edges and everything else a curious child might encounter. Not … Read more

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Witness Wanted For Crash East Bound I-270 on Aug. 8, 2015

Witness wanted: Anyone who witnessed a collision between a Dodge Dakota Pickup Truck and a pedestrian on East Bound I-270 near Granite City in Madison County, Illinois (near the cross over for Illinois State Route 3/Mile Post 2) on Saturday, August 8, 2015 at about 11:46 a.m., please contact David Duree, the attorney for the … Read more

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Apps to fight distracted driving

Distracted driving is a problem here in Illinois and across the country. With phones, smartwatches and even smart cars on the road, our attention is more divided than ever. This habit is destructive and a danger to all motorists. Luckily, some applications are giving you tools to fight back. Here are a few apps trying to … Read more

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Subcontractor Awarded Pre-judgment Interest

The Missouri Court of Appeals affirmed an award of pre-judgment interest to a successful subcontractor at the statutory rate of 9% in G & G Mechanical vs Jeff City Industry, on March 20,2018. #ConstructionLaw.

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