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Your business is growing, and so are its legal complexities. State-specific rules and regulations govern franchise law, and if you are a franchisor or franchisee, you need to ensure that you are in compliance.

Franchise attorney David M. Duree can help you and your business navigate complex contracts, negotiate lease agreements, and handle disputes. The law office of David M. Duree and Associates, P.C., serves franchisees and franchisors in Missouri, Illinois, and throughout the nation.

Franchise Agreement Attorney

If you are considering franchising your business or are already operating a franchise, it is essential to have an experienced franchise lawyer on your team. At David M. Duree and Associates, P.C., our legal experts can help you navigate the complex legal landscape of franchising and ensure that you are in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

We can assist you in the negotiation and drafting of franchise agreements, as well as provide guidance on issues such as territorial rights, intellectual property protection, and disclosure requirements. Attorney David M. Duree can also help resolve disputes between franchisors and franchisees, and is prepared to protect your interests in litigation if necessary.

Missouri And Illinois Franchise Registration

As with any business venture, there are a number of legal considerations and steps that must be taken in order to form a franchise. Our attorneys have 40 years experience helping businesses ensure compliance with state and federal laws, as well as the rules and regulations set forth by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

The first step in forming a franchise is to develop your franchise agreement. This agreement will outline the terms of the franchise relationship, including the duties and obligations of both the franchisor and franchisee. We will help you carefully consider all aspects of the agreement, as it will be legally binding for both parties.

Once the franchise agreement is finalized, we will help you register your franchise with the FTC. This registration process includes filing a disclosure document, which provides prospective franchisees with information about your business. The disclosure document must include certain required information, such as a description of the business model, financial statements, and information about any lawsuits or bankruptcies that have been filed against your franchisor.

After registering with the FTC, we will help you obtain a state license in order to operate your franchise. Each state has different requirements for licensure, and an experienced lawyer can help you navigate these requirements and obtain the necessary license(s).

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With our help, you can maximize the potential of your franchise and avoid costly mistakes. From protecting your brand to negotiating contracts and resolving disputes, David M. Duree and Associates, P.C. can provide invaluable guidance throughout the lifespan of your franchise.

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