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With new intellectual property registered all the time, trademark, patent, and copyright law have become increasingly complex. Consulting with an experienced St. Louis trademark attorney is always a good idea as you investigate options to protect your creative property.

At David M. Duree and Associates, P.C., we can help walk you through every aspect of the trademark, patent, and copyright process from determining the type of intellectual property protection you need, to registering/filing and protecting you from infringement.

When it comes to protecting your intellectual property rights, it pays to have an experienced attorney on your side. Our IP attorney has more than 40 years experience handling cases involving intellectual property issues. With offices in St. Louis, MO and O’Fallon, IL, he also handles cases throughout the midwest and beyond.

Which Type Of Intellectual Property Defense Is Right For Your Business?

There are many different types of intellectual property, and each type of intellectual property has its own set of rules and requirements.

Trademark Law Attorney

Trademarks are used to protect words, phrases, logos, or other symbols that identify a product or service. Trademarks can also be registered with the USPTO.

Trade Secret Attorney

Trade secrets can protect information that is not generally known and give your business an advantage over competitors. Trade secrets may include formulas, recipes, customer data, marketing plans, technology, and more. If someone violates your trade secret rights, we can help you file a lawsuit to stop them and seek damages.

These two areas are where the skills of our IP lawyer come in—we can help you determine which type of intellectual property protection is right for your business. From there, we can help you correctly register your intellectual property rights with the appropriate government agency.

Helping clients with more than trademark and IP disputes

Our trademark-related services cover more than simply defending your business from IP disputes and cases related to defending your trademark. We also cover the patent law and copyright law.

Patents are granted by the government and give inventors the right to exclude others from making, using, or selling their invention for a limited time period. We can help you file a patent application with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Copyrights protect original works of authorship, such as books, movies, music, and art. Copyrights are automatically created when an original work is fixed in a tangible form. However, registering a copyright can give you additional legal protections.

Protecting Businesses And Individuals From Copyright Infringement in Illinois and Missouri

As a business owner, you’ve likely put a great deal of time and effort into developing your brand. You want to ensure that your intellectual property is adequately protected so that others can’t unfairly profit from your hard work. But how do you know if your rights are being infringed upon? And what can you do to stop it?

The first step is to consult with a skilled IP attorney who can help you understand the complex laws surrounding trademark, patent, and copyright infringement cases in Illinois and Missouri. We can advise you on the best course of action to take in order to protect your intellectual property rights and enforce them against infringers.

Your intellectual property rights are your livelihood

Depending on your circumstances, we can help you send cease and desist letters, request injunctions from the court, and we will even file a lawsuit on your behalf if necessary. In some cases, it may also be possible to negotiate licensing agreements with infringing parties in order to allow them to continue using your intellectual property while compensating you for the use.

Helping to defend your business from disputes as well as establishing your IP rights

We can also help you avoid trademark infringement and intellectual property infringement claims. The best way to avoid an infringement claim is to consult with an experienced intellectual property lawyer before using someone else’s copyrighted material or trademarked name or logo. By letting us do the research upfront, you can avoid potential legal problems associated with intellectual property down the road.

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